Self-Knowing Has Become a Matter of Survival

Fifty years ago Will Durant, wrote, “We humans are the same trousered apes at 2000 miles an hour as when we had legs.” Given the consensus at present that the future of humanity is in cognitively and physically merging with our machines, that statement sounds prophetic.
Durant asks, “We frolic in our emancipation from theology, but have we developed a natural ethic—a moral code independent of religion—strong enough to keep our instincts of acquisition, pugnacity, and sex from debasing our civilization into a mire of greed, crime, and promiscuity?
Contrast this trenchant question with this superficial definition and question from the celebrity-philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy in New York Time’s dilettantish “Stone”: “To be human is to aspire to be more than merely a sliver of nature…[but] how will

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