Man Found Dead Under Pavas Train

At first, it was believed that the man, found laying on the tracks under the Pavas commuter train, had been hit by the train. However, on arrival responders confirmed the man, who identity was not released to the press, had died from stab wounds.
Television news image capture
Witnesses on board the train told television news the victim was in a fetal position on the railway.
The incident was reported shortly after 5:00 am, some 150 meters from the Demasa plant, in Pavas, on the Belen – Pavas – San Jose track. The Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles (Incofer) was forced to cancel the morning train service between Belen and San Jose.

Ruta Belén
Servicios: 05:15 SJO-BEL retrasada la Belén y 06:10 BEL-SJO cancelado el servicio esta mañana, incidente con

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