“I’m certain we’ll bring down this dictatorship”

A lifelong Sandinista ideologue who fought in the final offensive against the Somoza dictatorship then headed the FSLN’s International Relations Department during the revolutionary government, Julio López Campos analyzes the challenges of today’s unarmed insurrection against the Ortega dictatorship.
Julio López Campos
I’ve known Daniel since we were both young. I was president of the Ramírez Goyena Institute’s student center and leader of the Maestro Gabriel High school, so among other things we hammered out an agreement together to organize an annual commemoration of the murder on July 23, 1959, of four university students by Somoza’s National Guard in León. Four…!
We were struggling against a dictatorship that had killed four youths and called it a massacre. That same Daniel Ortega is not only now a dictator himself,

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