Association with Professor Josef Allen Hynek

I have recently been watching the new 10 part TV series called Project Bluebook on the History Channel. Aidan Gillan from the Game of Thrones plays the role of J. Allen Hynek and I love his portrayal of this legendary scientist. The History Channel is one of my favorite channels and I will find myself watching: Vikings; The Curse of Oak Island; Ancient Aliens; Six; Ice Road Truckers; Gangland Undercover; In Search of; Life After People; Hatfields and McCoys; Stan Lee’s Superhumans; History’s Mysteries; Monsterquest; UFO Files. I know, that’s a lot of shows. In fact I was acknowledged in the credits for Monsterquest’s Mothman Episode. So, I do have a connection with this incredible channel. I recently read a Facebook post written by Sherry

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