World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight Announced: Dubai – Panama City

By Q24N


TODAY PANAMA – Emirates will become the holder of the longest continuous airline route in the world with its planned service between Dubai and Panama City that will launch in February next year.

The flight will cover a distance of 13,821 kilometers( 8,590 miles) which is 17 kilometers (10.56 miles)longer than what would now become the second longest airline route, specifically the Sydney to Dallas route of Qantas Airways.

For the flight route, Emirates will be using the Boeing 777-200LR, which is the jetliner with currently the longest range. The flight will take approximately 17 hours and 35 minutes, the airline revealed.

The Dubai-Panama City route of Emirates, however, will still not be as long as the longest ever non-stop route, which was operated by Singapore Airlines. The flight took passengers regularly on a route between Singapore and Newark, New Jersey, over a distance of 15,344 kilometers (9534.32 miles) and taking around 19 hours. The flight, along with a Singapore to Los Angeles route that covered 14,112 kilometers(8768.80 miles), was discontinued in 2013 after analysts said that the routes were no longer viable due to the again quad-engine Airbus SE A340 jets that Singapore Airlines was using for the routes.

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