Witnesses Are Enough For The Case Against the Costa Rica Park Ranger

By Isabella Foster Villanueva


Costa Rica News – There are always two sides to a story.  What is the likelihood that a Costa Rica Park Ranger shot and killed a person doing nothing in the park? My opinion is there was something else going on in order to instigate this action.


In many crimes, witnesses go into hiding or refuse to talk, but here in Costa Rica something happened that had six witnesses. They all tell the same story, too. That’s a lot of proof! 

They witnessed a park ranger, Mauricio Steller Fallas, assault a man with a firearm. The man was walking along a beach on the Osa Peninsula. The witnesses testified to this in court.

The witnesses were related to the victim, which complicates things. Anyway, they say he was not carrying any weapon when attacked. The ranger grabbed his backpack and said he would shoot him.

Many are in favor of Fallas, saying that this was in no way acceptable but it was also in no way a murder attempt worthy of such time in prison. Fallas’ coworkers have showed up to protest the trial.

This trial has ended up in a 12 year sentence for the park ranger….which has since been accused of drug … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times