Why We Are Leaving Costa Rica

By Rico


QCOSTAIRCA  via – The Decision. In August of 2012, I wrote the article “Why We Chose Nuevo Arenal” for the Retire for Less in Costa Rica Newsletter. After retiring from my work as a civil engineer in Canada in 2009, my husband, Scott, and I spent our first 3 years in Costa Rica renting and, then in 2012, built a beautiful home on a gorgeous 5-acre property in Nuevo Arenal.

Our intent was to live here for many years. Fast forward two years since the completion of our house construction and we are packing up and preparing to leave.

Many people have asked what would ever possess us to give up this seemingly idyllic lifestyle and return to the frozen north (Newfoundland) especially during the winter. To answer that question, I need to start at the beginning….

The First Years in Costa Rica. When we arrived in Costa Rica in 2009 everything was new to us; the landscape, the culture, the customs, the language. It was all very foreign and exciting – not to mention challenging. Between learning to speak Spanish, ploughing through the red tape of the residency application process and simply learning to function in the completely foreign environment, we … continue reading



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