Why Trying to Leave Costa Rica With Over $150,000 is a Bad Idea

Costa Rica News – A foreigner tried to leave the country with $155,000 hidden in a carry on bag. He was intending to travel to the Dominican Republic but must now answer to the Public Ministry for the crime of money laundering.
The man, Carmelo, is a Spaniard of 42-years-old. The man was apprehended with the equivalent of ¢88 million. This happened on Monday at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela.
He was walking nervously through the airport which drew the attention of agents who then brought him to a seperate area to check his hand luggage. They found bundles of bills inside a security bag.
The total unreported cash one can carry in the airport is $10,000. The arrest was made by officers of the Air Surveillance

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