Why Do People Keep Investing in Costa Rica Real Estate?

By Dan Stevens

costa rica real estate

Costa Rica Real Estate – One of the many great attractions of Costa Rica is its affordable and thriving real estate market that continues to see a steady influx of foreign home buyers who are looking forward to living in a luxuriously exotic and fantastically safe tropical country.

Costa Rica offers everything a buyer is looking for: it is politically and economically stable, has competitive real estate prices, has picturesque scenery and fantastic investment prospect. Furthermore, the locals are warm and friendly, have laid back attitude and lives the “pura vida” lifestyle that enables them to live a stress-free life.

It is no wonder why Costa Rica is always ranked as one of the happiest and healthiest country on earth  because aside from what I have already mentioned above, Costa Rica also offers all year-round of tropical climate that is divine for those who wants to escape the frigid cold of winter or searing heat of summer, it has modern cities just like in the US, it has marvelous Caribbean beaches and awesome Pacific coastline, it has lush valleys and verdant rain forests, it boasts of majestic mountains, and it prides itself of having splendid flora and fauna. To top … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times