Who Where The Filibusteros (Those Yankee Invaders)?

Lt. Laurence Poland
Q COSTA RICA, by Mitzi Stark. Outside of Central America few people know about the invasion of William Walker and his filibustero army in 1856. Or that it was the Costa Rican army that routed them and guaranteed independence for the five republics.
William Walker, as every Costa Rican school child knows, came from Tennessee in the United States to claim the five Central American countries for slave states to bolster the south’s position against the anti-slavery north. His soldiers, recruited in the States, were called Filibusteros, a word that comes from the Dutch Vrij Buiter, or free booter, a word that also referred to pirates.
John “Rip” Ford from Texas, former ranger and representative
In 1855 Walker arrived in Nicaragua with his army on a

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