Which Nationalities Work The Longest Hours? Costa Rica Is Second.

Though Costa Rican workers are often branded “lazy”, they are in fact in second place for the most hours worked in a year in the latest  Employment Outlook report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published in 2017.
Tops in the the OECD list for the number of hours worked per year are another “lazy” branded workforce, Mexicans.
The OECD reports suggests the average Costa Rican works 2,112 hours a year (which equates to around 40.6 hours a week). Only Mexicans, on average working 43 hours per week (2,255 hours per year), top Costa Rican workers.
In comparison, the average Brit works 1,676 hours a year (32.2 per week) and Germans 1,363 (26.2 per week) according to OECD data. Also enjoying plenty of downtime are

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