When Will Costa Rica Improve Its Recycling Programs?

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is not a good example of waste management. We generate 4,000 tons of waste per day and 1,000 of that ends up deposited in rivers, vacant lots and roads. Just 264 tons, 6.6% of the total, arrives at recycling collection centers to be processed.
Still, that 6.6% is a step in the right direction. In 2014, the figure was 1.26%. The goal for this year is to get it up to 8% and then 15% by 2021, according to the Municipal Development and Advisory Institute.
Today, being World Recycling Day, there will be talks and campaigns throughout the country about collecting waste and recycling.
The IFAM facilities in Moravia is hosting the VI National Recycling Meeting. There will be lectures and conferences given

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