What to Look For At the Costa Rica Book Fair

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Book Fair is currently being held at Antigua Aduana and Casa del Cuño. The literary event is completely free and will go through Sunday. Here are some recommended works to pick up.
Penínsulas dislocadas, by Arthur Rimbaud, is a great selection of poems originally in French. It can be found at the Perro Azul post at the Casa del Cuño.
Música solar, by Alfonso Chase, is a poetry anthology by a Costa Rican author. It is found in the sales post of the Editorial de la Boca del Monte, found at la nave de ladrillo.
Cuentos escogidos, by Quince Duncan, is a volume that brings together stories published in international journals. It’s at the Editorial Costa Rica post at la nave de ladrillo.
Edward, by

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