What Are They Dying For?

Hindsight, the cliché goes, is 20/20. In truth, hindsight is only as clear as one’s perception of the present.
For example, there is the conventional notion that the Holocaust was preventable until the “evacuation” of European Jewry to a “final solution” was decided in early 1942.
This stems from the illusion, if not delusion, that prior to 1942, even with Hitler in power for eight years and the war raging for nearly three, the “final solution” was still “on the cusp of avoidable disaster.”
In truth, the Holocaust was inevitable from the moment the appeaser Chamberlain waved his scrap of paper after meeting with Hitler while ludicrously exclaiming “peace in our times.”
The parallel is painful. The world is now attempting to appease Trump’s America.
The notion that nothing is

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