Welcome, baby ocelot: It's Mother's Day at Zoo Ave, too

By Katherine Stanley

Chila just became a mother for the first time – but she’s not ready to step out with her baby yet. She finds it is better to stay home and keep an eye on him.

Or her.

Chila is an ocelot, a manigordo in Spanish, and her baby is the newest star at Zoo Ave, an animal rescue center in La Garita, west of San José.

Chila’s baby is the first ocelot born in captivity here and reason for boasting. Ocelots are on the endangered species list; these small spotted cats are losing ground as their territory is given over to encroaching urban life. At Zoo Ave they live in a hollowed-out tree trunk nestled in treetops, hidden from zoo visitors. Even papa was banned from the nursery.

Baby was born July 23 around 5 in the morning, or at least that’s when it was discovered.  Although mom and dad have been together for three years it was just about four months ago that Chila began acting coy and cuddly, as if she was in heat. Her partner, Tacares, took the hint.

Both Chila and Tacares will stay at Zoo Ave for life.

“They became accustomed to being with humans,” said Ronald Sibaja, who works with … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times


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