Wanchope Resigns!

By Rico


Wanchope (middle) during a press conference announcing his resignation. The interim president of the Fedefutbol, Jorge Hidalgo, with arms crossed, sits next to the former coach.

QCOSTARICA – It happened on Tuesday, in Panama, while watching an under-23 game between Costa Rica and Panama, when he tried to get onto the field after the final whistle.

Television cameras and cellphone cameras of those nearby caught all the action: pushing and shoving, fists flying and even a flying kick by the security guard, who was able to take down the man bigger than he.

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In the end, the temporary violent action by the coast of Costa Rica’s national men’s team cost him his job.

On Wednesday, hours after arriving back in Costa Rica, Wanchope announced his resignation.

On national television and with the president of the Fedefutbol by his side, Wanchope apologized to Costa Rica and Panama fans for his behaviour, saying he lost his head.

“We are human beings and unfortunately I reacted in an unacceptable way for the position I held,” said Wanchope during the news conference.

The now former coach said that since he took on the job as coach the (soccer) situation has … continue reading



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