Venezuela’s New Constituent Assembly Takes Page From Fascism’s Playbook

Dictator Nicolás Maduro tramples liberal democracy on his to fascism. (PanAm Post)
Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro summoned citizens to write a new constitution at the beginning of May, and though many questions about his proposal remain unclear, the dictator has revealed some new details about the plan for a “National Constituent Assembly.”
According to Maduro, it will consist of 500 members, 250 of whom will be appointed as representatives of various interest groups. Unions, indigenous groups, labor movements and other organizations will reportedly elect their own representatives — a move that looks similar to previous fascist, corporatist and communist regimes.
The Cuban dictatorship has the most obvious influence on Venezuela’s current constitutional proposal. In 1976, the island’s government created a constitution that established the country as “a socialist state of workers and peasants and other intellectual

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