Venezuela’s Defense Minister Arrives in Moscow While Maduro Regime …

Vladimir Padrino, Venezuela’s Defense Minister, arrived today in Moscow as the Maduro regime faces an existential threat from massive protests. (Twitter)
Venezuela’s Defense Minister Arrives in Moscow: The Chavista regime in Venezuela is now facing the most formidable challenge to its survival since the initially successful but ultimately failed coup d’état against former strongman Hugo Chávez in 2002. As millions of citizens take to the streets of Caracas and other Venezuelan cities to demand the end of socialist Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship, as they have been doing since last week, the international press has almost unanimously called for a return to liberal democracy and an end to the government’s despicable repression against peaceful protesters.
Even the formerly pro-Chávez New York Times, which publicly thanked the Comandante for his policies in a 2007

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