Venezuelan dictator Maduro takes advantage of the same “feminism” that condemns Trump

The two most controversial presidents in the Americas decided to speak out on feminism last weekend.
Maduro declared himself the president of women; Trump said that he’s with everyone.(PanAm Post)
In Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro declared himself a feminist, and said he is and always will be “the president of women.” Donald Trump said: “I would not say that I am a feminist…I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone.”
These statements lead us to explore how the age-old strategy “divide and conquer” is applied to an ideology that divides humanity in two: men and women.
As such, various politicians take advantage of the situation to affirm themselves as heroes.

Soy y seré el Presidente de las mujeres. Me declaro feminista. No me tiembla la mano y mis ministras

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