UK Couple Arrested After Helping Abduct Grandchildren to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica News – A couple from Wolverhampton have been jailed for a combined 26 months after helping to spirit their daughter and two grandchildren out of the country in breach of a court order.

The trio were flown beyond the reach of British justice to Costa Rica while the grandparents tried to cover up their part in the plot by lying to police and a High Court judge, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

The couple from Penn, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, took the action after a Family Court ruled their two grand children must live with their natural father, the court was told.

Their daughter – the mother of the boy aged seven and two year old girl – had previously had full time care of them but the court order allowed her just one hour of supervised contact every month at a contact centre.

But on May 16 the grandparents drove the boy and girl to a secret rendezvous in Brantley Lane, Shipley with their daughter – who had six suitcases – and a chauffeur driven Mercedes which took her and the children straight to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris where they boarded a flight to Madrid before getting another … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times