Uber Will Be Half the Price of Regular Taxi Service in Costa Rica

By Hazel Diaz

uber costa rica 2

Costa Rica News – Uber is planning on busting in on the Costa Rica market and these prices might make locals very happy. 

Yesterday Uber hosted an open forum for interested drivers to learn about the service. The application process was described and the rates for the service were revealed. This has caused tension for the taxi transportation sector.

The rates are much lower than the Costa Rican Red Taxi service. Uber will charge ¢300 per kilometer which is ¢310 less than the ¢610, 51% less.  The National Federation of Taxi Cooperatives (Fenacootaxi) regards the rate as illegal.

If the Public Transport Council (PTC) determines Uber service to be a public service then the Regulatory Authority for Public Service (Aresep) can intervene on the Uber rate.

Only 14 people attended the forum, a disappointing turnout since the success of Uber is from the immediate availability of cars. If there is not a large pool of quality cars available, more reliable taxi service will be the preferred option.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times


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