Uber to Start Operating in Costa Rica Outside Government Regulations

By Hazel Diaz

uber costa rica

Costa Rica News – Uber might found out very quickly what happens when you purposely disobey government regulations.  It normally does not work out well for those who do this.

Luis de Uriarte, Uber’s Communication Director for Mexico and Central America, stated that his company will start operating without abiding by controls established by the Public Transport Council (CTP).

Uber is a US based company, founded in California that operates in 58 countries and uses a mobile application to connect private drivers with potential passengers. Payment is done via the application and a credit or debit card.

The Ministry of Transportation has said that since there is a payment involved the service should abide by the CTP regulations, as it is the CTP that regulates all legal paid public transportation.

As in other countries like Mexico, Uber’s entrance has generated protests from taxi drivers and companies. Uber’s strategy has been to start operating and then negotiate conditions with the local regulators.  We will need to wait to see if it works in Costa Rica.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times