Trip to San Jose: Part Two

By Rico


QCOSTARICA – Picking up where the last post stopped, so I am on the bus to the multiplaza in Escazu. The bus is packed and a “regular” bus again, so no air conditioning, non-cushioned seats, etc. I sit next to an older woman and ask her if this is going to the multiplaza in Escazu.

She nods her head yes. So I relax, as much as one can in a crowded bus driving through a very poor area in a city where no one speaks English.

Please do not read this as a complaint, I am loving my adventures and a visitor, so trying to be as polite and respectful as I can be. It seems that a lot of Ticos get frustrated with gringos who come to CR and do not even attempt Spanish.

They really appreciate an effort, even if it is the completely wrong words.Anyway, so the bus drives straight past a sign that points left to Escazu, so … continue reading