Travellers Tales: Karin’s Story

‘Introduction by Chris Clarke’.
This is a traveler’s tale from Colombia, before the ruination of guerilla wars, narcos and despoliation of habitat.
Karin Knappstein Doglioni’s parents emigrated from Eastern Europe to Canada with her in the early 1950s. She met her first husband there and they had many adventures in Latin America.
She currently lives in Escazu (Costa Rica) and has business interests in Colombia. This piece was originally written as a family memoire, but is too good not to share.
The Missionary
With a huge thump and hiss the Catalina amphibian smashed on the tarmac- all the tires blown out flat. This so-called tarmac happened to be in the middle of the Amazon jungle, close to a village called Leticia in the southern most corner that touches Colombia. It

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