Toward a more distinctive Costa Rican cuisine

By Karl Kahler

As you plan the menu for feeding your family, have you considered serving more guaro?

The Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants (CACORE) on Tuesday unveiled its 2015 Gastronomic Laboratory, in which 24 restaurants have pledged to use local but unconventional foods, including nontraditional cuts of meat, plants native to Costa Rica and yes, Costa Rica’s cane-sugar firewater, Cacique’s guaro.

A Cacique guaro concoction was offered at the 9 a.m. news conference.

Karl Kahler/The Tico Times

“The purpose of the plan is to integrate those national, local ingredients that have not been included on menus in restaurants,” said Alfredo Echeverría, director of the Epicurean Gastronomy Club. “In other words, we’ve been producing ‘globalized’ food.”

In March, Vice President Ana Helena Chacón released a statement from Casa Presidencial declaring Costa Rican cuisine a matter of public interest. The National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy seeks to promote the consumption of diverse, nontraditional local foods as an expression of national cultural identity.

“We’re planting the seeds for Costa Rica to have a sustainable and healthy gastronomy,” said Alejandro Madrigal, the executive director of CACORE, at a news conference Tuesday in San José.

Alejandro Madrigal, executive director of CACORE.

Karl Kahler/The Tico Times

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