Tourism Generated US$228 Billion In The Last Decade

Tourism has become the great machine for obtaining dollars for the Costa Rican economy, and the data supports the claim.
In the last ten years, the tourism industry generated US$28 billion dollars and with the exception of 2009, due the consequences of the global crisis, the growth was almost 10% per year.
To put this in perspective, between 2008 and 2017, the banana, the star of the country, accumulated sales of only US$8.3 billion, the pineapple, US$7.6 billion, while medical devices US$4.5 billion, according to Procomer and the Central Bank.
The year with the greatest generation of the U.S. dollar from tourism was 2016, with $3.7 billion, the lowest or “slump” in 2009 with only $2 billion generated.
In the ten years, a total of 23.9 million visitors arrived

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