Thousands in San Jose marched in solidarity with Nicaraguan migrants and against xenophobia

Thousands participated Saturday morning’s march “For solidarity and against xenophobia” in San Jose.
“No one is 100% Tico” reads the banner. From social media
Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans who have been living in that country for years, as well as those who have fled the repression that the government of Daniel Ortega now for more than four months. Foreigners from other nations also participated.
“Ticos and Nicas are brothers! We respond to hatred with joy!” was one of a number of slogans and chants by the participants who, starting from the east and west of the capital, met in the middle, in the Plaza La Democracia.
Flags of Costa Rica and the Blue and White of Nicaragua were carried proudly. The national anthems of both countries and songs of brotherhood

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