Things This Administration Must Do Now!

By Juan Sebastian Campos

PAC and the presiding President of Costa Rica are from the same political party but you would never know it by the news. President Luis Guillermo Solís is most certainly not anyone’s puppet and marches to the beat of his own drum.

But then again he is not the leader we need right now nor in the foreseeable future. To simplify, the rest of his political party are not dancing to the same rhythm as Solis.

For Expats, the ground is shaky being caught between tax collectors in Paradise and tax collectors in their home country. For nationals, jobs are limited and it is pretty sure that taxes, even existing taxes will be raised thereby pricing many out of the much needed consumer market place.

And, we have no idea of consistency and least of all predictability.

The train, after making sure the universities are happy, promoting a number of social programs that cost lots of money and planning but do very little … continue reading