The Great Facilitation: Developing To First World Country Status

By Richard Philps

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – There is no doubt in my mind, that Costa Rica has chosen a track toward becoming a First World Country, from its current status of a Developing Country.

This is clear both politically and socially speaking.

There is minimal isolationist/protectionist legislation “on the Books” and Free Trade Agreements with other countries abound. Global trade is here to stay.

Enlightened and educated Costa Ricans all crave for a “Costa Rica Dream”, to be somewhat similar to the “American Dream” (as it once was), with open floor plan housing in gated communities offering all services, new cars to drive, and an endless stream of consumer “goodies” to purchase.

It is not a matter of liking, or not liking this evolution that is taking place, or whether it is good, or bad, it is a fact of evolution globally in such Developing countries (North Korea being a dark exception).

Of course, some of you reading this blog will say that Costa Rica is better-off … continue reading



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