The Curing Power of the Costa Rican Fruit; Cas

By Hazel Diaz

cas fruit costa rica

Costa Rica Health – Scientists working with the National Center for Biotechnology Innovation are currently exploring ways to harness the natural components of ‘superfruits’ in order to engineer them into products.

Cas, a small green fruit most commonly used in natural juices, is rich in antioxidants and has health benefits that compete with the well-known powers of other potent fruits like blueberries.

This initiative to exploit the powerful elements of Costa Rican fruit has been named Cenibiot Natura.

The intended outcomes of the developed products are to improve healthy living, slow the process of aging, and prevent Cancer.

According to scientist Magdalena Víquez, the plan is to develop a supplement using cas, as well as explore the antibacterial components of the fruit.

The scientists will collaborate with Costa Rica Open Future on this business venture.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times