Taxi Mob Attacks Uber Driver

By Rico


QCOSTARICA – It was just minutes before midnight Friday, just eight hours after the Uber service began operations in Costa Rica, amid opposition by taxi drivers and the government repeating that service is illegal, a group of taxi drivers pursued and damaged the vehicle of driver, looking to earn extra money.

The driver, a 32 year-old man who asked not to be named, told La Nacion that he got the call, by way of the Uber app, to pick up a fare in the bar area of Barrio Escalanate, in San Jose. “I don’t know who he (the customer) is. They (customers) know the colour and plate number of the car and see a photo of the driver. I arrived at the location indicated on the app, the man got it in, at the same time a taxi drove by. He (the taxi driver) realized I was a Uber driver, because I had a large cell phone and the application open,” he said.

The Uber driver says the taxi driver began following him, soon there was another, then another and yet another, in total three or four taxis surrounding him now in the area of Calle Blancos, following to Cinco Esquinas de … continue reading