Taxation Requires Professionals To Disclose Client List

By Rico


QCOSTARICA – The next time you visit a doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant or any other professional, keep in mind that your information is no long priviliged.

Aiming reduce tax evasion by professionals, the  Directorate General of Taxation (Dirección General de Tributación – DGT)  is requiring professionals hand over their client list.

According to an article in La Nacion, Taxation has the power to require professionals the confidential customer information, as long as the data is not related to “professional secrecy” .

The information must be “foreseeably relevant for tax purposes,” which includes, according to the legal opinion, financial, economic and property data of customers, says the text published on the Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda) website.

Carlos Vargas, director of the DGT, said that this delimits the professional secrecy (privileged information) with regard to the requirements of the Taxation.

“This means we can ask a doctor or lawyer for their client list and what you paid to each but are not require you to tell us intimate matters covered by professional secrecy,” said Vargas.

Professional secrecy is the obligation that certain professions have, by their very nature, not disclose to third  parties, including Taxation, secrets and confidences of their clients.

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