Tales of the Supernatural; Ghost Hunting in Salida

By Paul Dale Roberts

demon salida california 1

Ghosts & the Supernatural – “My name is Sara Baker, I live in Salida, CA and for many years I have been tormented by ghosts. Back in 2011 and 2012 I had a paranormal team come and get rid of a male spirit that was so angry he would possess me and torment my children. After a cleansing the psychic that came said the spirit moved on.

Yet after that horrifying event we moved to another home only to experience voices and shadows and things moving and disappearing and strange walking that originates from the ceiling. My middle son would talk to what he said was a man. I then contacted the same paranormal investigators who cleansed the house. Yet things continued. The medium said I was gifted yet honestly I don’t feel I am.

We moved after two years. In the home you could feel the negativity and that took a toll on my marriage and health. We now live in Salida in a two story home. In this home things seems bright and happy until a few months ago when we would start hearing voices and my boys would say they saw a man in their doorway. Plus me and my … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times


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