Taking a Look at News Headlines

By Juan Sebastian Campos

QCOSTARICA BLOG – “Yes,” la Nacion is important if not critical to us locals as is digital news from the Q (qcostarica) and international sources.

It is no wonder why we, as a country, are depressed, and perhaps globally depressed.

This morning I did a digital news review and 92% remind us the horrors of life. Not just in paraiso (paradise) but internationally.

Check out these Saturday morning headline stories that why we live collectively say, “why live anywhere else?”

Not because life is so much better here in Costa Rica, but rather life or living is so less exhausting.

I’m a global traveler and news “freak”. After so many years in Central America I have also discovered inexpensive Scotch. It helps to kill the horrible thoughts and images of news. And while not being totally naive, I also understand that “bad new “ sells.

Here are some of the headline stories of Yahoo News, Saturday, 15, 2015…..

California defense attorney, three state … continue reading



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