Swearing-in Day ‘Last Chance’ to Avoid Dictatorship in Honduras

Salvador Nasralla, the former Honduran presidential candidate for the Opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship, said Friday that the “last chance” to prevent current President Juan Orlando Hernandez from acquiring a new term was Saturday, when he is expected to be sworn-in, because his re-election was carried out with “fraud”.
“Tomorrow is the last chance for Honduras to avoid a dictatorship, it is the last opportunity,” Nasralla told reporters before leading a convoy of vehicles from different neighborhoods of the capital Tegucigalpa. “People, hopefully you do not waste it because the dictatorships are atrocious.”
The new Honduran Congress held its first session Thursday, which the opposition protested and said was also void because the elections were fraudulent. Hernandez will be sworn-in in front of the country’s newly elected

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