Suspended: Deputy Minister and Advisor Who Made Fun of Laura Chinchilla and Ottón Solís In Social Media

(CONFIDENTIAL) The Deputy Minister of Planning, Francisco Delgado, and Marisa Batalla, adviser to legislator Paola Vega, were suspended from their positions for one month and without pay after they were involved in a scandal for making fun of a photo Laura Chinchilla and Ottón Solís on Twitter.
The photo posted by Laura Chinchilla on her Twitter account inviting views the Facebook Live event with Otton Solis
The photo of the former president and former presidential candidate and founder of the PAC party was taken last Thursday, prior to a conversation organized by El Financiero to talk about tax issues and that was broadcast on Facebook Live.

En breve iniciaremos un conversatorio con #OttonSolís sobre los vericuetos políticos de un reforma tributaria, gracias a invitación de @elfinancierocr
Acompáñenos en el

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