Student Faces Terrifying Experience in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica News – Annabel Smith set off on the trip of a lifetime a month ago, little realizing it would turn into a terrifying ordeal.

Now, she wants to warn others of the dangers of un-diagnosed adolescent heart conditions following her experience in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Annabel Smith, from Hambrook, went with the Government-endorsed NGO Raleigh International to Costa Rica, where she planned to work in national parks and trek in the rainforest.

But just one week in, her trip was ended due to a medical emergency.

“It was the first day of our trek and we had been going for about eight hours, walking constantly uphill in the heat, so it was by no means an easy ride,” she said.

“However after stopping for lunch, I suddenly collapsed, and lay weak for about two hours in the middle of a river – that was definitely not my finest hour or two.”

It was agreed, after two visiting nurses assessed her, that she could continue with the trek but she collapsed again later that day.

“At this point I was more confused than terrified as I had been resting, so I didn’t know what had caused it,” she said.

“The nurses were brilliant, and set up a … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times


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