Some Of The Most Absurd Things About Modern Life!

By Rico


This question was posed on Quora, one of my all time favourite websites, where you get to read answers of some really interesting and some really dumb questions. Of course you get to ask you own questions and even answer some or all if you feel up to the challenge.

On thes question “What are some of the most absurd things about modern life?” there are 35 answers (as of this morning), here some of the better answers (according to me):

1000+ Facebook Friends, not a single friend to share joy with.
Invitation through facebook for every occasion and no time to call and invite. (Thousands of friends invited, less than 10 present for the ocassion).
Parents make us educated and we don’t have time to attend their funeral at the required time (We are busy enough to realize that our parents have become old enough and they need us).
Work Hard for your kids and suddenly you realize, you kid is no more … continue reading