Sergio Fajardo and his Failed Strategy of Neutrality

The ex-governor of Antioquia and former mayor of Medellín, Sergio Fajardo, is trying to regain his front-runner status, which he in enjoyed in the Colombian presidential race months ago.
However, in the majority of the polls, he has been unable to rise above third place, separated from second place Gustavo Petro by up to 15 points. This indicates that, at least for now, he has no chance of reaching the second round.
Sergio Fajardo’s attempt to unite a center-left coalition appears to have given way to the rise of Petro. (Facebook).
But what has caused his precipitous decline? Have his countless campaign stops, numerous debate performances, and an impressive quantity of electoral alliances forged been in vain? For several analysts, there are two factors that caused Fajardo’s drop

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