Seismic Swarm Closes Costa Rica’s Tenorio Volcano National Park

Costa Rica News – The Tenorio Volcano National Park has been closed as a precaution following a seismic swarm.
A seismic swarm is when several tremors of similar magnitudes occur in the same epicentral location, separated by a short time.
This phenomenon has never before occured in the area. It had a strange effect on the Celeste river, changing its color from iridescent blue to coffee brown.
This may be due to the tremors loosening the sediment which then rose temporarily.
The swarm began Tuesday after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Honduras. The seismic waves spread throughout the planet and can activate faults. In this case, it is believed the local movements were associated with the faults of Caño Negro and Chiquero.
There were 12 tremors in three hours.
The park was

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