Saving Money with Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Slick marketing campaigns and deals on luxury dental vacations are luring a growing number of Floridians to countries like Costa Rica for common procedures like root canals, dental implants and crowns, an ABC Action News review found.

About 85,000 Americans and Canadians traveled to Costa Rica for medical procedures in 2017. And 80 percent of those people were dental patients, according to Patients Without Borders.

Expert say prices are driving the locals abroad. For example, implant-supported dentures cost patients about $1,500 in Costa Rica – less than half of the average $4,250 price tag in the U.S.

“Enjoy the beaches, have some fun, come back. You’ll be rested and have a new mouth,” said Dr. Jay Wolfson, a health policy expert at the University of South Florida.

Wolfson told ABC

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