Roger Waters: From Pink Floyd Icon to Nicolas Maduro Puppet

Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has been making headlines this week in an unlikely region of the world: the Andean region. Is he going to be swinging through Quito, Bogota, Lima, Caracas, and LaPaz for a tour, you ask?
Roger Waters is furious that Richard Branson is sponsoring a concert in Cucuta, in opposition to Maduro’s Venezuelan dictatorship (Futuro).
Hardly. (Although given his affinity for Nicolas Maduro, a “concert for the dictatorship” wouldn’t be out of the question).
Rather, it’s his expertise as a geopolitical commentator, rather than his musical stylings, that have been making headlines.
Waters is outraged…outraged, that his countryman Richard Branson is sponsoring a “Live-Aid-ish” type event in the city of Cucuta, on the Colombo-Venezuelan border, a place that has become the focal point for the

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