Response to the manifestations of the former CR Minister of Agriculture Arauz

By Marc Richard Beesley. In his article “Organic pineapple in the Post-Truth Era ( it is curious the former Minister of the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) Luis Felipe Arauz Cavallini mentions the CR National Phytosanitary Service (SFE) investigation about suspicious pineapple shipments labeled as organic.
The former Minister leads the public to believe the SFE investigation did not find any evidence of suspicious activity by the companies listed in the two time Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Read’s publications and including the Nasdaq publication (Mr. Read is now also receiving awards from the National Press Club for this investigation).
The truth is an SFE investigator was indeed assigned to investigate anomalies, as per Mr. Richard Read’s publications, and with 1,200 pages of documented chronological and mathematical

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