Response to a Reader from France

By Martin LeFevre

human conciousness

A reader from France wrote a sanguine response to my last column about entanglement. His letter attests both to the veracity of the theory of entanglement (‘meditations’ doesn’t appear in France), and raises doubts about its application to human consciousness, at this point in human history anyway.

Essentially, he was replying to my question: Is human consciousness governed by the same processes that govern the universe? His view, which represents the optimistic thinking person’s view, is not convincing:

“Though the full answer may not be immediately apparent to the present stage of human consciousness, it is not impossible to follow the vector traced thereby and happily draw a conclusion bolstered by those who have entered into higher consciousness, thereby confirming: we are all in the process of evolution.”

It does not appear this fellow is deliberately and ironically understating the human crisis in saying, “the full answer may not be immediately apparent to the present stage of human consciousness.” I can assure him, however, that “those who have entered into higher consciousness” do not “happily draw [such] a conclusion.” And from a scientific point of view, nearly all evidence points to the opposite vector, for the present world and age at least.

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