Reinventing the Wheel

By Martin LeFevre


The basic conservative’s worldview is reflected in the statement: “We have inherited certain life scripts from evolution and culture, and there’s a lot of wisdom in following those life scripts.”

On the other hand, the progressive’s worldview is reflected by this statement: “Western societies have been going ever further in freeing their citizens’ choices — in releasing them from ties of tradition or religion, in allowing people to marry whom they want and divorce as often as they want, have sex with whom they want, die when they want and generally do what they want.”

Though these two worldviews seem, on the surface, to be diametrically opposed, they are alike in a basic respect. Indeed, scratch the surface, and conservatives and progressives are indistinguishable at their philosophical core.

Both conservatives and progressives share a belief in the continuity of culture and ideas, and in the gradual ascent of the nation and the human race. The continuity of evolution (in the gradual improvement sense of the word) goes unquestioned, though it has in fact been shattered in the last 20 years.

What we have in America is a more or less economically functioning culture, albeit with immense disparity in wealth, which has been completely hollowed … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times