Reigniting Your Passion Through Travel

By Rico


QCOSTARICA TRAVEL – If you’ve ever been to any country in Latin America, you will have realized and felt that there is a sense of passion that exists within its people and culture, one that is hard to explain yet easily felt. So often we have lived lives deprived of this sensation and when the feeling hits us, we are given an opportunity. We find ourselves not quite sure of what to do with this overwhelming opportunity, all that we know is that we love it and we want more. This feeling of passion and a joie de vivre exists and it is waiting for you to live it.

Anyone who is has been in an unfulfilled marriage that has resulted in divorce knows very well how one’s passion for life tends to get dulled if not erased by the ravages of monotonous cycles of dysfunction. Our sense of identity gets muted and we often times find ourselves feeling empty. What we need, after years of passionless living is to get away and jump start our lives. We need to feel things differently and more intensely so as to awaken what has always been within us yet has been dormant.

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