Public workers threaten general strike if lawmakers approve bill reducing pay

By L. Arias

The public employees’ march that closed off streets and snarled traffic in San José Thursday ended with a promise from union leaders to stage a nationwide strike if the government moves forward with a plan to reduce their bonuses and benefits.

The “Public Employment Law” under discussion in the Legislative Assembly proposes to eliminate incentives and bonuses for public workers and standardize salaries.

After marching down Second Avenue, protestors gathered in front of the Legislative Assembly where they met with Broad Front Party lawmakers Jorge Arguedas and Ligia Fallas.

Unions leaders delivered Arguedas and Fallas a petition signed by members of the Bloque Unitario Sindical y Social Costarricense, which brings together workers from 80 unions who oppose the government’s plan to cut their incentives and bonuses.

Gilberto Cascante, president of the National Association of Educators, and Luis Chavarría, secretary general of the Social Security System worker’s union, said that next week they will meet with other union leaders to agree on future actions against what they call “the decisions of a neoliberal regime.”

Both of them called on workers to join a general strike in late September or early October to continue opposing the adoption … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times