Pompeii to Poas, A Writer’s Perspective

The Poas Volcano April 22, 2017. Foto Raul Mora, RSN
Q COSTA RICA – by Chris Clarke – Many readers have strolled through the ghostly ruins of Pompeii. The chariot-rutted streets; the broken pillars and the lewd frescos in the brothel, with improbably well-endowed participants, conjure up decadent lives snuffed out.
Most poignant of all are the human remains, posing grotesquely in solidified ash. The lonely man with the upheld arm failed to protect his lungs against the searing particles. The mother tried despairingly to save her child. The lovers were entwined forever in death. The man helplessly attempted to protect his beloved. The thief was found next to the gold hoard that led him to his doom. Why did they not run away at the first

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