Oscar Arias Offers President Luis Guillermo Solis Help With Fiscal Deficit , But Says He’s ‘Skeptical’

By Rico

President Luis Guillero Solis     President Luis Guillero Solis (tan suit) in a meeting with former President Oscar Arias (red tie) in the Arias home in Rohrmoser Thursday morning.

President Luis Guillero Solis (left) in a meeting with former President Oscar Arias in the Arias home in Rohrmoser Thursday morning. Photo Casa Presidenical

Following a more than two-hour meeting this morning with President Luis Guillermo Solis, former president, Oscar Arias, said he is willing to help with the country’s fiscal deficit, although without much optimism.

“I’m skeptical,” Arias told reporters after the meeting that was held in home in Rohrmoser.

Arias recalled the difficulty to achieve national agreements and pointed out failed attempts in the administrations of Abel Pacheco (2002-2006), his second term (2006-2010) and that of Laura Chinchilla (2010-2014).

The former president warns that any tax increases should be accompanied by spending cuts, urging a progressive tax reform, that is, charging more those in the high income group.

“We are playing with fire,” said Arias.

Accompanying the president at the meeting were the Minister of Finance, Helio Fallas and the Minister of the Presidency (Chief of Staff) Sergio Afaro.

Rodrigo Arias, Oscar’s brother and Ministro de la Presidencia in his administration, also sat in on the meeting.

Rodrigo Arias explained that (during the 2006-2010 administration) due to the global economic crisis, the government was forced “strengthen” public employment with better salaries to certain professionals; however, … continue reading



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