Ortega Top Supreme Court Judge Resigns, Denounces Dictatorship in Nicaragua and Takes Refuge In Costa Rica

The ex-magistrate of Nicaragua’s Supreme Court of Justice, Rafael Solis Cerda, entered Costa Rica one day before submitting his resignation his position and denouncing the existence of “a dictatorship” and “a state of terror” in his native country.
One of the most pragmatic voices of Ortega’s inner circle distances himself from the dictator, resigning from his judgeship in Nicaragua’s Supreme Court and the Sandinista National Liberation Front, now taking refuge in Costa Rica
Solís, a man considered close to President Daniel Ortega, entered Costa Rica on Monday, January 7, according to the immigration service. To date there is no record of him leaving Costa Rica.
A day later, on January 8, in a letter addressed to Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, he announced his resignation

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